Our Portfolio

The following sites have been developed by Active Information Design and that we are particulary proud of.


My Roots

Social family tree, share building your family tree with your relatives, share pictures, stories and get a better picture of where you came from


Property Managed

Property Managed aims to be your go-to choice for property rental management. We think we have the best solution for managing your responsibilities as a landlord, for example, gas safety certificates, along with maintenance work that needs to be carried out, right down to giving you a convenient location to store the contact details for the neighbours to your property.



Dailyfarm supplies fresh food straight from the farms and producers. Find out exactly where your food is coming from, all farms are listed and have profiles. Plus all the farms are local!

This site is a bespoke e-commerce application that has been built from the ground up to process the orders, pickups from farms and deliveries to customers, all handled through the site. Email notifications of new orders to customers and suppliers, stock control system and accounting managment. Dailyfarm and AID are both very happy with the result!

Site central


sitecentral is a web application that monitors for web accessibility issues and flags them to the user. It also monitors for broken links, server uptime, spelling issues and social media messages. It contains a complex and scaleable backend that performs the monitoring and a complex front end to represent the data in a dashboard, reports and todo's. You need a user to get access, so if you'd like a look drop us a line and we'll get you a test account.



mybrewdiary is a website to keep track of the homebrew brewing process. It generates charts and data for your brewing. Phase 1 has been released. Phase 2 includes sharing of brewing information, intelligent predictions on when the brewing process should finish and email notifications and reminders from the site.



Amanda Bunten is a photographer who wanted to have an online showcase for her artwork. We developed a site for her that gave her just that. A portfolio page for her photographs and a blog so that she can keep disseminate photography information and build her brand.